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Name Change - $62.95

This includes filing your paperwork and the required state fee, all online.

A notary must contact their original bonding agency for assistance with a notary commission name change.

Changing your name during the term of your notary commission: Any notary public who lawfully changes their name during the term of the commission must request an amended commission from their original bonding agency within sixty (60) days from the date their name changes. This form (a rider to the notary bond), current notary commission, and a $25 fee are required by the Florida Department of State. A notice of name change form must be sent to the Division via electronic transfer from your notary bonding agency.

Note: Once an amended commission has been requested, the notary public may continue to perform notarial acts in their former name until the amended commission is received.

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Address Change

Change Your Address on Your Florida Notary Commission

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Lost Seal

Florida Notary customers, click here for Lost Seal information

A notary must contact their original bonding agency to replace a lost seal.

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When completed, all notary forms must be returned to us for processing at:

Florida Notary
225 E. Robinson St. STE 570
Orlando, FL 32801

Background Check

» Click here to learn more about background checks and why we recommend one for all Florida notaries.

Level 1 Background Check


Lenders typically require that notary signing agents undergo background checks because they handle sensitive financial information within loan documents. This expectation is common for real estate transactions, where borrowers trust signing agents with their financial assets to purchase a home. Get ahead of your employer's requirements by getting your background check now.

Level 1 Background Check:

  • Criminal Check
  • National Criminal Database
  • SSN Trace
  • Sex Offender Search (National)

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Notary Supplies

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Our notary embosser is a necessity if you would like to have a raised seal (such as for use on important legal documents, real estate documents, etc.) Even if a raised seal is not required on a document, you will find this adds that extra touch many of your customers will be looking for.

If you would like to purchase an embosser, please add it to your order before you complete your notary registration. If you already have your notary commission and would like to purchase an embosser, you may purchase it online at

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Self Inking Stamps

Oath Stamp


Administration of Oaths - A notary public may administer an oath and make a certificate thereof when it is necessary for the execution of any writing or document to be published under the seal of a notary public. The notary public may not take an acknowledgment of execution in lieu of an oath if an oath is required. (Florida Statutes, Chapter 117.03)


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Acknowledgment Stamp


Acknowledgments - A notary public is authorized to take the acknowledgments of deeds and other instruments of writing for record, as fully as other officers of this state. (Florida Statutes, Chapter 117.04)

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Affidavit Stamp


Affidavits - An affidavit is a formal sworn statement of fact, written down, signed, and witnessed (as to the veracity of the signature) by a notary public.

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Other Supplies

Notary Record Book

notary journal

Our handy notary log book is ideally suited to the notary's recording keeping. Document your notary activities and maintain great records. It even has an area for fingerprints!

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Wedding Guide

wedding guide

Florida is one of the few states that authorize notaries public to perform marriage ceremonies. This guide provides everything you will want to know about performing marriages in Florida. This publication covers your responsibilities and also provides a step-by-step guide to a variety of different marriage ceremonies including: traditional, contemporary, beach ceremonies, exchange of rings, Spanish, including children and other ceremony options.

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Florida Marriage Kit - $60

marriage kit

This exclusive Marriage Kit contains certificates and gold foil seals. Includes a handheld embosser. This is available only in FLORIDA.

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Florida Business Guide

business guide

Whether you're starting or operating a business in Florida, you will need to make sure all state and local business registration requirements have been met. This 75 page publication includes information for registering with the appropriate state regulatory authorities, contacting the Florida Department of Revenue to obtain the required tax information, and applying for occupational licenses. The Florida Business Guide, published by State of, provides a more detailed list of Florida business requirements, along with step-by-step instructions for correctly registering your business.

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