How to Get a Background Screening as a Florida Notary

Notaries primarily exist to prevent fraud. They act as impartial witnesses to the signing of legal documents. They also ensure all signers are properly identified and understand everything found within the document. Since notaries are government-appointed officials, background checks are often used to reassure the public and employers that they will carry out their duties honestly.

This page describes criminal history check requirements, the available options and how to get screened.

Why Are Screenings Important?

Notaries usually work with real estate deeds, wills, powers of attorney, trusts, and other legal documents. Because of the sensitive information found in these documents, criminal history checks are sometimes required but always recommended.

In Florida, background verifications are not required. But those with felony convictions can only apply to become a notary if they:

  • Provide a written statement of charges, including the date, crime, circumstances, and details about post-conviction life
  • Provide copies of their sentencing order and judgment to the state (order a certified copy from the sentencing court)
  • Complete a Restoration of Civil Rights Certificate (RCR)

Although employers may include obligatory screenings during the hiring process for their customers' benefit, they are not required.

Notary Signing Agents

Signing agents are commissioned notaries who can work on complex loan documents like mortgages. Becoming a signing agent involves additional training. Because loan documents contain sensitive financial and personal information, Florida requires signing agents to undergo annual vetting.

How the Process Works

The ways notaries are screened can depend on the employer's requirements. Some may make employees get fingerprinted at a specific location. But if no in-person requirement exists, online options make it easy.

It's a simple process that typically involves inputting contact information and personal data. Once that's done, the online service checks the following:

  • Social Security number trace
  • County criminal court search
  • National criminal database
  • Sex offender registry search
  • Employment verification

DISA (Crimcheck)

DISA, formerly Crimcheck, offers online screenings that take three to five business days to process. Once the process is complete, DISA emails the results directly to you.

We offer a level one background investigation service from our partner company, This check uses DISA to ensure accuracy and a quick turnaround time.

Whether required or not, getting a criminal record check is a great way to ensure current and future clients will trust your work.