How to Become a Notary in Florida — The Complete Guide

Becoming a Florida Notary can seem like an overwhelming process, but, in truth, it can be completed in just seven simple steps. Florida Notary Service takes you through the entire process with our easy registration! Once you would like to begin, simply start here.

The following is a guide to help you understand the process of becoming a notary in Florida with as little pain and confusion as possible.

Do You Meet Florida Notary's Requirements?

The State of Florida requires that all notaries:

  • Are at least 18 years old
  • Are a legal resident of the State of Florida
  • Can read, write, and understand English
  • Have not been convicted of a felony, even those kept off your public record*

*If you have been convicted of a felony, you can apply under the following conditions:

  • Provide a written statement of your charges, which includes the date, crime, circumstances, and about your life post-conviction
  • Provide the journal entries (sentencing order and judgment) copies to the state; to do this, a certified copy must be ordered from the court that convicted you
  • Provide a Restoration of Civil Rights Certificate (RCR)

The Application Process

Step 1: Read Chapter 117 of the Florida statues of being a Notary Public

Upon signing the application (see below), you are swearing to the state that you have read Chapter 117 of the Florida statues of being a Notary Public. Therefore, you must read this chapter in its entirety before signing your application.

Step 2: Take a Three-Hour Florida Notary Course

Our online application process gives you the opportunity to take the required online notary course. Once you have completed it, you will be able to print your completion certificate to submit with your notary application.

Step 3: Fill out the Application

Florida State does not give out applications; however, bonding agencies, such as Florida Notary Service, do. The application itself will require you to provide the following information:

  • Personal information
  • Employer information
  • Qualifications
  • Character affidavit
  • Oath of Office
  • Bond

Character Affidavit

A fancy word for references, this person must:

  • Know you personally
  • NOT be related to you
  • Willing to swear you are of good character


The State of Florida requires all notaries to carry a minimum of a 4-year $7,500 bond. This bond does not protect the notary, but is put in place to protect against damages a notary may cause. The state filing fee for this bond is a state-mandated $39. This is also included in your notary package.

Step 4: Gather the Required Documentation

You may be required to prove that you meet the state residency and age requirements.

For the residency requirements, some examples of proof include:

  • A Florida's driver's license
  • Florida car registration
  • Florida voters registration

For the age requirement, some examples of proof include:

  • A birth certificate
  • State-issued identification

For non-US-Citizens

If you are not a United States Citizen but desire to become a Notary Public in Florida, you must file and completed a Declaration of Domicile. This must be obtained and filed at your county seat, not the courthouse nearest to you.

Step 5: Purchase a the stamp, or notary seal

Each document of a Florida notary must be marked with an approved, rubber stamp using black ink. This stamp, or seal, should include your name and commission number, along with the words "Notary Public - State of Florida" on it. Our Notary Package provides all you need and you have the option of adding other notary supplies.

Step 6: Submit the Application

With us as your bonding agency, the application process is fairly simple. You submit the application to your bonding agency and your bonding agency will submit it to the state for review.

Step 7: Wait to see if your application is accepted

In the state of Florida, the governor has complete control over who is approved to become a notary.

If you are approved, and chose us as your bonding agency, we will send you your notary seal and commission certificate upon the approval of your application.

If you are not approved, you may apply again the following year.

While this process can be complicated, our service provides everything that you need with as single payment, plus shipping and handling fees. Our notary bonding agency provides a one-stop all-inclusive package that will guide you through every step in this process. You may contact us with any question you may have during the process. Now that you know how to become a Notary in Florida, why not start the process today?