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Get Authorized for Online Notarizations and Signings

Any active notary in Florida can register with the state to perform notarizations over an app or website. Not tech-savvy? No problem! Online notaries partner with companies that manage the technical side of the RON process. All you need is an internet connection and a webcam.

Our Florida Online Notary bundle includes:

  • A state-approved online RON course
  • $25,000 errors and omissions insurance
  • $25,000 notary bond

The RON package also includes an application form that is pre-filled with your personal information. Simply sign and complete the form, submit it to the Department of State and wait for approval.

Remote Online Notarization (RON) Benefits More Info

RON offers a wide range of benefits to notaries and their clients. Most importantly, it simplifies and streamlines the notarization process. Because the notary, principal and witnesses do not need to be in the same room for the notarization, scheduling has never been easier.

Other benefits of RON include:

  • Lets you reach new clients anywhere in the U.S.
  • Provides increased security and fraud prevention
  • Reduces paperwork
  • Creates automatic digital records of your notarizations
  • Saves you time and money on remote notarizations

Remote online notarizations are especially convenient when parties in different states need to sign or notarize real estate contracts or closing documents. The 100% online process is also beneficial for people who need to notarize medical or insurance documents that will be used in another state.

Requirements for Florida Remote Online Notaries More Info

Florida law establishes the state requirements for becoming an online notary. To get approved to perform remote online notarizations, you must:

  • Be an actively commissioned Florida notary
  • Complete a RON training course
  • Purchase a $25,000 notary bond
  • Have at least $25,000 in errors and omissions insurance
  • Partner with a RON service provider
  • Pay the $10 state registration fee
  • Submit your application to the Department of State

State-approved online notaries can notarize almost any document over an app or website-based platform. However, Florida does not allow notaries to solemnize marriages online.

What Is a RON Service Provider? More Info

Companies called RON service providers manage the technical side of online notarizations and offer a wide range of additional services. Depending on the provider, RON services may include:

  • Listing your contact info on a notary directory
  • Hosting RON video calls with clients
  • Providing tools to help confirm the identity of principals and witnesses
  • Placing your electronic signature and seal on digital documents
  • Storing video records of online notarizations according to FL law
  • Accepting online payments from your clients

You have a variety of options when selecting a RON service provider. Popular choices include SIGNiX, NotaryCam, DocVerify and Notarize. Be sure to review multiple options and choose a company that best aligns with your professional needs.

Remote Online Notary Course Details More Info

Florida notaries must take a two-hour RON course before applying to become online notaries. The state-approved course, which is included in our RON package, describes how RON works, lists its benefits and explains your duties and obligations as an online notary.

Course topics include:

  1. Introduction
  2. Requirements to Become an Online Notary Public
  3. Audio-Visual Requirements
  4. Identity Confirmation Requirements
  5. Security
  6. Remote Online Notarization Procedure
  7. Witnesses to a Remote Online Notarization
  8. Record Keeping
  9. Special Considerations
  10. Making Copies of an Electronic Record
  11. Remote Online Service Provider Functions
  12. Review of Course Material

To complete the RON course, you must pass a multiple-choice final exam. You need to score at least 70% on the exam to receive your certificate of completion, and you have an unlimited number of attempts to pass.

How to Submit Your Application More Info

After you purchase the RON package and pass your training course, you can submit your RON application to the Department of State. We'll provide a form that is pre-filled with most of your information.

To complete the application process:

  1. Print and sign the form
  2. Write the name of your RON service provider
  3. Attach the required documents
  4. Get your form notarized
  5. Submit the application

When you fully complete your application and attach all required documents, mail your application packet to the Department of State address listed on the form. The state will contact you as soon as you are officially approved to perform remote online notarizations.