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New Notary Package

At one low price, our New Notary Package includes everything you need to get commissioned as a Florida notary:

  • Official notary commission certificate
  • State filing fee
  • $7,500 notary bond
  • Self-inking notary stamp
  • Notary journal

How to Become a Florida Notary

Applying to become a notary may seem intimidating at first, but Florida Notary Service makes the process simpler than ever before. Our New Notary Package includes all required notary training and walks you through the steps of submitting your application online.

Complete Notary Training

Before you submit your application, you must complete at least three hours of state-approved notary education training. Our three-hour online notary course covers a wide range of topics that new notaries are required to learn.

Fill Out the Application

Your notary package includes an online application form with step-by-step instructions. After you submit the application, we'll collect all your required documentation and send it to the state for approval.

Get Approved and Receive Your Notary Commission

After the state approves your application, we will mail you your notary commission certificate, your personalized notary seal, and a journal for documenting notarizations.

For more in-depth information on the application and approval process, see our complete guide on how to become a Florida notary.

Florida Notary Application Requirements

Minimum Age:18
Residency:Notary applicants must be legal residents of Florida. No minimum length of residency is required, but Florida notaries must maintain legal residency throughout the four-year term of their commission.
Education:Applicants must prove they completed at least three hours of state-approved notary education no more than one year prior to submitting their application.
Moral Character:Applicants who were convicted of a felony or received a judgment withholding adjudication of guilt may be appointed as notaries at the discretion of the Florida governor. These applicants must disclose the nature of the charges and provide a certificate proving their civil rights have been restored.

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